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Robotron is an established software company that develops individually-designed and database-supported information systems for energy industry participants. We have over 30 years of experience primarily in the European energy market with over 300 clients using our software. Robotron has successfully implemented its market-leading software in New Zealand in the service of a number of retail providers, with the capability to also service Lines Companies, Metering Equipment Providers and other industry participants. Get in touch with us and discover how our versatile solutions for the energy industry can streamline your business!

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Robotron is a well known, trusted, and innovative service provider throughout the energy sector in Europe. Since the privatisation of the German energy market in (1998) Robotron has been operating as a database specialist for the management and analysis of massive data quantities.

We act as a comprehensive service provider and support our partners with compatible software products, as well as consulting, project and production services.

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