Our industry-leading Billing & ICP Management platform reduces overheads and allows your staff to focus on value-add activities, while our continuous development cycle ensures your system is kept up to date with regulatory changes at no additional cost.

Our innovative Offer Calculation tool allows rapid development of new retail price offerings and allows you to run multiple margin scenarios before launching into the market.

Our IoTHub adds value to your customers and your business by connecting to and controlling distributed energy resources (DER’s), including solar, battery, hot water and EV chargers, either individually or as part of our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) offering.


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EDB’s play a key role in New Zealand’s energy future. Use our robotron*ecount solution to manage your day-to-day operations, including Billing, ICP Lifecycle Management or let us do it for you through our Business Process Outsourcing service.

Use our IoTHub solution to connect to low voltage monitoring equipment and gain visibility of your critical LV assets. Or use our solutions to integrate with Flexibility Providers using real-time signalling to alleviate capacity constraints and defer costly network upgrades.


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Whether you manage energy systems for large commercial customers or are installing charging infrastructure to support EV fleets, our IoTHub solution forms the critical backbone that ensures the maximum benefits are realised.

We connect to on-site monitoring and control equipment to provide you and your customers with visibility of their energy consumption and generation. Our dynamic load control functionality manages assets in real-time, either load-shifting or load-balancing to ensure capacity constraints are not breached and that customers can take advantage of time of use pricing structures.

We support over 100 IoT protocols natively, including OCPP, EEBUS, Modbus and MQTT and operate over cellular, internet and radio-mesh networks, ensuring our solutions fit any use-case.


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Whether you are looking to optimise existing plant or bring new renewables to market, our Portfolio Management solution makes the complex seem easy. Configuring sales and generation books, then matching supply with demand is simple and intuitive with the graphical user interface of Portfolio Management. Our ability to integrate pricing, solar irradiation, weather events and supply/demand forecasts ensures you make the right decisions at the right time to maximise value from your assets.

If you are looking to trade at the half-hour or offer your plant into ancillary services markets, we have the solution. Our value-stacking functionality, combined with advanced machine learning algorithms, ensure your plant is providing the most benefit to your stakeholders and the environment 24/7.


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Customers are increasingly demanding homes and business spaces with smart technologies to help them manage their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint

EV chargers, Solar Arrays and Battery Storage Systems are becoming more common and need to be managed intelligently to both maximise customer benefits and reduce the burden on local networks.

Robotron IoTHub4Utilities allows multiple, dispersed devices to be combined into a smart grid ecosystem that monitors, learns and dynamically controls them all in real-time.


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High-performance, flexible and highly automated

„Years of experience specializing in processing large amounts of data, combined with broad expertise in complex and volatile utility markets, led to the development of the Robotron Energy Market Platform.
Its unique range of products and services supports all core business and market processes required by the energy industry.“


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