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Monitor and manage your IoT ecosystem with robotron*Nebula

Real-time visualisation of IoT assets
Provide key staff with live data-flows from connected IoT devices, e.g. visualise your vehicle & charger fleets in real-time

Intelligent Load Balancing
Dynamic charging management ensures capacity limits are not breached

Optimised maintenance processes
Remote management of devices, reducing the need for on-site technicians

Extensive Reporting
Generate CO2 savings, energy and cost reports all from one place


Our industry-leading Billing & ICP Management solution is perfect for Retailers, EDB’s and Meter Owners. High levels of automation and advanced workflow management functionality takes care of your core business processes and allows your staff to focus on value-add activities. Further highlights:

  • Automated preparation and validation of billing data
  • Invoices with ToU, non-ToU and customised pricing methodologies
  • Configurable exception handling functionality
  • Ability to invoice unbundled pricing
  • Seamless integration with third-party CRM and financial systems

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Our Peer to Peer (P2P) platform makes it easy to gift or sell excess renewable energy generation to others in the local community, to your staff, or to share among a number of properties you own.

Exported volumes are matched to downstream ICPs on a pro-rated basis so they can enjoy lower energy bills and be part of the renewable energy transition.


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Contractual counterparties and sales or purchase books are set up based on your specific trading strategies. Individual trades are then bid or offered into wholesale and reserves markets to maximise the value of your assets.

When combined with our advanced forecasting tools and IoTHub platform, you will have a turnkey solution that facilitates energy trading, physical asset control and subsequent reconciliation of energy volumes.


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Key functionality includes

Creation of sales & purchase books

Mark to Market calculations

Importing of weather data

Create & execute deals

Importing of NZX & ASX data

Advanced forecasting

Value at Risk calculations

Create authorisation workflows


The Internet of Things for energy is the key enabling technology for a greener energy future. Robotron hardware-agnostic solutions allow you to connect to, monitor and dynamically control thousands of devices, creating a true smart-grid ecosystem.

We support over 100 protocols out of the box and are continually integrating more as this exciting market matures. With our IoTHub you can maximise the benefits of energy IoT while being assured that your solution is fully future-proofed.


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We support the following IoT technologies

EV charging

Solar PV

Battery storage system

Temperature sensors

Weather sensors

Smart appliances

LV phase monitoring

CTs & switchboard monitoring

AMI infrastructure

By combining innovative applications with highly efficient data processing, your business can exceed customer expectations while reducing your cost to serve.


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