Strong network of local partnerships as the basis for future energy market

Looking beyond the horizon and into the special interest areas of our customers is a decisive success factor for innovative software development.

Therefore, Robotron places great emphasis on partnership-based development and local expertise. Our various development partnerships, technology and solution partners speak for a high degree of diversity and inventiveness.

As Robotron New Zealand’s number of employees providing consulting and IT services is growing, partnerships with significant local IT companies play an essential role in complementing our product portfolio. The strategic goal for the next five years is to become the leading energy data management system in New Zealand for medium to large energy market participants and to have a dedicated team of future energy market experts.
On this path, partnerships with local companies, with organizations from specific sectors like smart metering and scientific partners are an essential key to success to ensure flexibility, state-of-the-art technology and to bring new ideas to life.

Interested in discovering how versatile solutions for the energy industry can streamline your business and how a partnership can get us there together? Get in touch with us today!

More information on our strategic partnerships: