Robotron finalises Proof of Concept with EA Networks

Ashburton, New Zealand, is home to a popular electricity distribution company – EA Networks. EA Networks is responsible for the sub-transmission and distribution network that spans the whole Ashburton District, totalling 6187km2. Aside from the town centre, most of the district is rural with a high usage of irrigation.

There are 17,800 customers and approximately 20,000 ICPs connected to the network.

Robotron has developed a Proof of Concept for EA Networks to demonstrate the scope of opportunities, regarding handling and improving daily processes, achieved through effective and intricate data management. The Proof of Concept was formulated by using selected modules to tailor to the needs of EA Networks. Specifically, the importance of an improved billing system. Robotron fulfilled the requirements from EA Networks and, proven with the Proof of Concept, can handle the processes that EA Networks requires, through the energy data management system.

The energy data management system robotron*ecount is a robust and flexible software service, offering tools that utilise cutting-edge technology for forecasting, data analysis, extensive monitoring options, amongst other features. Through the combination of these tools, neatly packaged in the robotron*ecount software solution, companies can maximise productivity and optimise their internal processes. This effect ripples onto the wider society, end-users, and leads to a smarter Energy Market for New Zealand.


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