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Software solutions for intelligent charging management

The energy industry is changing dynamically. New applications in the smart grid, smart metering and smart city define new requirements for event-driven IT architectures. As a specialist in the efficient management and evaluation of large quantities of data, Robotron is the market-leading supplier of innovative IT solutions in the fields of smart energy, smart cities and IoT. Our modular software portfolio and individual operating and support services optimize all market and value creation processes in the utility industry and associated areas, creating the basis for innovative mobility concepts.

Our services for you

Robotron software solutions pave the way for future-proof electromobility:

  • Cross-manufacturer integration of charging stations and wallboxes with various protocol implementations
  • Connection with electromobility providers for billing and marketing public charging infrastructure
  • Reception, storage and visualization of measurement data from charging infrastructure
  • Network and market-serving charging management for optimal operation of charging infrastructures in your fleet management
  • Intelligent user control (energy load times, prioritisation)
  • Robotron CPO backend for flexible and manufacturer-independent charge point operation
  • Alignment with parking space management services for full charging infrastructure services

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