Pilot project for intelligent energy data management at the Robotron headquarters in Dresden becomes a showcase for electromobility

Experience Robotron SMART Campus

In a constantly changing energy market, intelligent energy management is a decisive success factor and basis for the energy efficiency of companies and organizations. The network of the future will be shaped by decentralized energy producers, modern storage technologies, prosumers, innovative business models and services. Robotron offers innovative software solutions for intelligent energy management in the network of the future and makes them tangible with the Robotron SMART Campus, a pilot project at the company headquarters in Dresden.

Like the energy market itself, the Robotron SMART Campus project is constantly evolving. The charging infrastructure was recently integrated via a Smart-Meter-Gateway and edge computing solution at the Controllable Local System (CLS) interface. The charging infrastructure was integrated at the “edge” using the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and Modbus protocol. In this way, short-cycle measurement data can be recorded by the meter and all functions of an OCPP backend can be made available at the same time. Thanks to the integration via Smart-Meter-Gateway it was possible to set up a highly secure infrastructure.

Experience electromobility on the Robotron SMART Campus

  • Intelligent and grid-optimized charging using load curve monitoring and peak shaving
  • Optimization of charging plans in fleet management
  • Intelligent user control (RFID management, charging times, prioritization)
  • OCPP backend and integration of various Electromobility Service Providers (EMP)
  • Billing of charging processes in private charging infrastructures

We will be presenting the entire Campus project exclusively at Downstream 2021 and invite you to put your skills as a future energy manager to the test with our SMART Campus game!

Robotron SMART Campus - Smart Energy Management
At Robotron SMART Campus Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH is realising and referencing the set-up and operation of an intelligent energy management system for load control and optimisation at the company site in Dresden. The campus solution demonstrates demand-side-managemend with Robotron software e.g. for grid-optimized charging.