Flexible sales with new online price inquiry

With the Robotron online price inquiry, energy distributors optimise their acquisition processes and increase the potential to reach new customer groups.

Many distributors are currently faced with the challenge of making their acquisition processes more flexible and expanding the possibilities for remote customer support. Innovative answers to these challenges ensure the long-term success and motivation of the sales team! Do these topics sound familiar to you?

Robotron offers a new web tool to support energy sales in an optimal way: The online price inquiry - a flexible, web-based quotation calculator for successful digital sales!
With the Robotron solution, your new and existing customers can calculate offers directly on your website at any time. Functions, such as the comfortable import function of historical consumption data and the rollout via configured forecast procedure, guarantee a quick and easy offer generation. Especially new customers can request offers without obligation using anonymized consumption data. If the offer is convincing, an uncomplicated offer confirmation including online registration and automated contract data dispatch is possible. The offer calculator thus becomes a universal sales tool with which you can also tap into new customer groups - from NHH, HHR to smart meter customers.

Convincing advantages at a glance:

  • You increase the flexibility of your customers through fast and efficient quotation generation on the Web
  • You optimise your customer service through flexible offer calculation and management by on-site customer advisors
  • You increase potential to new customer groups (NHH, HHR, Smart Meter) by online registration feature and ordering according to a non-binding offer calculation
  •  You accelerate strategic decisions of your customers by an automated offer process and dispatch of contract data

Do you want to learn more about the new solution on the web? We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and look forward to your request!