Edge Computing reimagined

Device-to-Cloud-Service guarantees secure Infrastructure for Smart Energy applications

With the Secure Cloud Gateway Robotron Communication Server on Edge (RCSoE), Robotron provides a Device-to-Cloud-Service that enables the integration of IoT devices with the secure infrastructure of Robotron’s IoTHub4Utilities. In this way, conventional and modern measurement sensors and actuators are made cloud-enabled via one application. The basis for the service is a connection to a generic and agnostic gateway device via various communication scenarios and "on edge" protocol conversion for IoT devices with direct and secure communication to our data hub.
For example, Robotron integrates Charging Infrastructure and Network Status Data to guarantee secure Infrastructure for Smart Energy applications.

The advantages of Robotron’s Device-to-Cloud-Service:

  • Secure Infrastructure for Smart Energy applications and U-IoT
  • Connectivity via various communication scenarios
  • Optimized Data Security
  • Enables Retrofit Integration

Learn more: www.robotron.co.nz/news/article/see-you-at-downstream-2021