Ecotricity migrates to Robotron platform

Ecotricity has completed migration to new enterprise CRM, ERP and billing platforms.

To meet the current and future needs of the business Ecotricity selected a solution that integrated robotron*esales as the core billing engine with a dedicated utilities scale CRM from Cursor, and Microsoft Business Central ERP. Ecotricity CTO, Tim Gray, noted “The delivered system involves the integration of cloud based applications providing a full suite of functionality for the current and future needs for our business. Key to the implementation was the lead role that Robotron undertook as the primary contract point for delivery of their application robotron*esales and the associated systems to deliver an integrated CRM, customer portal and online application solution."

Local and Global support

Full commitment from Robotron post implementation has delivered a stable environment allowing Ecotricity to now maximise opportunities available with highly configurable specialised applications. Having the benefit of both local New Zealand support and afterhours support from Robotron Germany allows for rapid updates and changes when required. Robotron provides software for all types of energy market participants; a total of 320 retailers, generators, transmission grid operators, lines companies, energy market operators and meter equipment providers worldwide.   

High wholesale prices provided window for migration

Ecotricity CEO, Al Yates noted “We made the commitment in 2019 to migrate to Robotron while wholesale prices were high and hence we throttled back growth except to support existing customers to make the transition as seamless as possible. This is a long term project that will support continued growth and will allow us to maximise automation in a number of parts in the business.

Yates noted, “some of the Robotron features are firsts for New Zealand which attracted us to the platform included the automation and disaggregation of network fees, and the high level of process automation. The platform is also future proofed for real time or 5 minute pricing when and if the time comes. Yates also noted “One of the key features of the platform also allows us to better hedge using intermittent renewables such as wind and solar.”