Robotron finalises Proof of Concept for Eastland Network Limited

Eastland Network Limited is the electricity distribution company for Gisborne, Wairoa and the East Coast regions of New Zealand. They own and operate the poles, wires and underground cabling used by energy retailers. Eastland Network Limited has approximately 25,700 ICPs across a network circuit length of 3,654 kms.

Eastland Network Limited keenly explores opportunities offered by emerging technologies as they prepare to future proof the region’s power supply for the benefit of the community.

Robotron New Zealand is proud to present Eastland Network Limited with a proof of concept which focusses on Billing. For this reason, Robotron has developed a concept of selected modular software solutions from the Robotron Energy Market Platform. The main objective being that of importing the EIEP 1 and EIEP 3 files to enable billing to the energy retailer as well as deliver submissions for EIEP 2 and the all-important EIEP4. This is achieved by combining various tools, neatly packaged in the robotron*ecount software solution keeping in mind to maximise productivity and optimise internal processes.