Reliable product solutions for the energy sector

Decades of experience with database technology and the energy market is reflected in Robotron's performance efficiency in developing software solutions. Our broad experience has led us to create a unique service portfolio aimed at all market participants and their respective requirements with a goal of ongoing optimisation. The various products allow a smooth transition and an integrated representation of the entire spectrum of market processes using a great range of media to ensure compatibility.

Load profile analysis and visualisation with robotron*eprofiler

robotron*eprofiler is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for the visualisation and analysis of load curves for various applications.

Under its user interface, the system robotron*eprofiler unites varied graphical analysis tools, practical computational and editorial functions as well as extensive reporting and monitoring options implemented in an innovative manner.

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Sales and procurement software for utilities

Our EDM system robotron*esales provides extensive functionality that for sales and procurement.

robotron*esales also contains functions for energy trade and forecasting, e.g: an extensive portfolio management tool for sales and procurement as well as a module for efficient calculation of quotations.

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Forecasting solution for utilities

With its product robotron*epredict, Robotron provides a unique tool for forecasting. It sets new standards with its flexibility, intuitive handling, high performance, and reliable forecast results.

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Energy data management for grid operators

robotron*ecount is designed for all purposes. It completely covers all functional demands of grid operators from advanced meter reading to billing configuration.

Our modular system covers all relevant market processes, legal requirements, bespoke customer requirements, and benefits from our experience of a vast number of projects.


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Smart metering for all market participants

robotron*esmart represents an integral solution for optimal processes in meter data management, fulfilling the requirements of advanced metering infrastructure, and of mass data processing within a Smart Grid.

Adapted to the specific demands of different market roles, robotron*esmart acts as a central data hub. It enables efficient data acquisition, management and editing using scalable modules.

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Energy Data Solutions for the Web

The robotron*Webportal, designed and developed in a modular form, offers you the flexibility to provide energy data from robotron*ecount, robotron*esales or robotron*ecollect online for your private and business customers. The robotron* Webportal can be flexibly tailored to your user group, no matter what market role.

  • optimal mapping of EDM processes online for different target groups, including smart metering, energy trading, branch management and other self-service offers
  • can be integrated into existing web presences, operated as stand-alone in your data center or as SaaS in the Robotron cloud


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