Security for your sensitive data and infrastructure

In our digital world, data is more valuable than ever. Does your security framework address the latest risks?

With hackers, viruses and other forms of security breaches on the rise, organizations are facing a constant threat to the security of their sensitive data like never before. The massive implications of the breaches in data security have forced organizations to undertake necessary measures to prevent them and keep their data secure.
To make matters worse, requirements are becoming increasingly complex in a constantly changing environment. Stricter data protection regulations address this and provide organizational guidelines and regulations but to implement all this is time consuming.

This is where Robotron can support you with specialist knowledge and detailed advice with our diverse solutions approach across various modules to choose from. The Robotron Security Services Team can accommodate the following key services as a long-term service or one-off service , depending on your needs:

  • Firewall
  • VPN
  •  Web Proxy
  • Networking
  • Krypto-Key-Management
  • Monitoring
  • Secure Platform Services
  • Database Security

We would be happy to put your security policies and programs through its paces in order identify weaknesses and discuss solutions.

We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry.

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