Robotron finalizes proof of concept with Alpine Energy

In July 2019 Robotron New Zealand introduced an advanced proof of concept to Alpine Energy

Alpine Energy is an electric utility based in Timaru that operates the electricity distribution network in South Canterbury. The network consists of 4,300 km (2,700 mi) of lines supplying electricity to approximately 33,000 customers. The proof of concept focusses on ICP lifecycle management and the development of a new time-of-use-pricing model for electricity. For this reason, Robotron has developed a concept of selected modular software solutions from the Robotron Energy Market Platform, which takes these specifications into account. The energy data management system robotron*ecount offers a unique tool for forecasting purposes that sets new standards by its flexibility in use and high performance together with a comprehensive tool for visualization, the analysis of load curves and extensive monitoring options. These modules are essential elements of the proof of concept that is geared towards a future-oriented power supply and innovative services for consumers.